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  Secrets of Shadow Falls series
  Book 1 - Killing Me Softly
  Book 2 - Kill Me Again
  Book 3 - Kiss Me, Kill Me

Book 2 in the Secrets of Shadow Falls series
ISBN#: (13)9780778328049
August 2010
Mira Books
$7.99 US/ $9.99 CAN
394 pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 cups

Olivia Dupree is a mild-mannered English professor who resides in Shadow Falls with her mastiff, Freddy. That is the image everyone else sees. Only a select few know that Olivia was born sixteen years ago when Sarah Quinlan ran away from her cop/woman-beater/drug dealer boyfriend.

The mystery man comes into the Shadow Falls hospital on the very night the reclusive novelist, known only by his name, Aaron Westhaven, was supposed to be at Olivia’s house. With only Olivia’s card on him, the hospital calls her to identify the amnesiac man. With no public pictures or identification, they simply call him Aaron, but is he?

Olivia made a connection with the man in the hospital who had been shot execution-style in a local field. The man obviously felt it, too. Escaping from the nurses, he travels to Olivia’s house, arriving in time to save her from someone who had broken into her home. With a drugged mastiff, the two of them set off to put an end to the nightmare that has been haunting Olivia for the last sixteen years. The couple believes that the two situations may be connected. Even if they are not, the nightmares can be put to rest. But who is this man who is having flashing memories of murdering a person?

I found I had to put the book down just so I could catch my breath. Whether it was the action or the sexual tension between this couple, my heart was racing as I read chapter after chapter. This story is part of a series, but this one can certainly stand alone. The only reason you would have for wanting to read the others is because this one is so darn good that you want more! When the pieces of this story come together, it simply explodes off the pages. Ms. Shayne can count this reviewer as a brand new fan.

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