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The Gates

Book 1: Dead Man's Curve
Book 2: Crybaby Falls
Book 3: Boneyard Ridge
Book 4: Deception Lake
Book 5: Killshadow Road
Book 6: Two Souls Hollow

The Gates, Book 3
ISBN# 9780373698257
April 2015
Harlequin Intrigue
Mass Market Paperback
219 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

McKenna Rigsby is a FBI agent. The beautiful redhead comes from the rural South, but is no hillbilly and resents anyone calling her one.

Nick Darcy works for a private security firm now, but was formerly security for the Foreign Service. He is a bit of a loner with a policy of never getting too close to anyone.

A suspended private security professional and a beautiful and skilled FBI agent on the run take on a militia and the turncoat who blew her cover. Nick is the only person McKenna trusts right now, and together they must uncover the traitor and stop a homegrown terrorist group.

This is an exciting story with compelling characters and a roller-coaster plot. McKenna and Nick are both wary of attachments but strongly attracted to each other. They also have a past trauma in common that binds them almost as strongly as that attraction. The author does a beautiful job of making the reader care about the characters; I was totally invested in finding out the identity of the traitor in the FBI. The ending was thrilling and satisfying. I definitely recommend this book to fans of romantic suspense.

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