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ISBN: 9781907761348
Xcite Books, an imprint of Accent Press Ltd
230 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

A Member of the Profession

She lost her fiancé and her money all in one setting, leaving her lonely and destitute. The rich woman wanted someone she could screw without having to worry about her older husband. They came to an agreement of funds and this is how she became a prostitute for some “college friends” while their husbands were none the wiser.

What a hot book this is! I loved how Ms. Propps had me panting as the rich woman dominated the poor woman. The way the prostitute came to the realization of comparing herself to being tied to the bed to the way the rich woman must feel in her relationship with her older husband was brilliant. My only wish is that these two characters had names as I feel it would have made the story much more relatable.

Arjun’s Wedding

Melinda Carson does not want to go to a friend’s wedding because she knows her ex will be there. Krishna is the groom’s uncle and he shows Melinda how they can celebrate in their own way.

I liked how the story flashed from the present to the past and how Melinda and Krishna met. The way Carmel Lockyer had Melinda taking care of her own needs just added to the hotness of this novel. What a tasty treat this ended up being.

The Clearing

Lucy loves to sunbathe in the nude. One day she experiences the most intense orgasms of her life with a complete stranger.

What a fantastic novel this is. Chris Ross has a way of writing that will have you achy, panting, and craving more hedonistic tales. The way Lucy explores herself while he watches was hot enough and then when he joined her, it made it all the better. It would have been nice to know his name but it seemed to add to the whole stranger scenario.


The only sex up until the night she became the artist’s muse she had ever had was with a clumsy oaf of a man. But as the night gets longer, she finds herself doing things she could never imagine doing before and the whole time the artist painted the scenes of sex.

Cyanne knows how to write a story that is so hot I could practically feel my hands burning as the pages caught fire from the eroticism. The way the muse explores her own sexuality and her inhibitions continued to decline as she received her own pleasure time and again added more heat to this already scorching tale. I could come back and reread this story time and again just because it is that good.

One Night Only

Eva is not the type of girl to flirt or dress sexily but somehow she caught his eye. There is something about the sexy blond that gets to Danny every time and when they find themselves partially alone he is confronted by the sexy Eva and she tells him he can have her for one night if he will follow her rules.

This started like it might be a romantic sweet. But it most definitely is not a tale that ends with the reader getting closure. Instead you find yourself wishing you could read what happens a month later. Alex Severn has written one hot read.


Jilly goes to confessions to get off. The priest is shocked, turned on, and finds himself relieving his own desires as the woman confesses all she has done in the name of lust and sin.

This was a very hot tale. Who has not had taboo thoughts when thinking about their own fantasies? The way Ms. Grace uses Jilly’s confessions in the erotic plot just added more dimension to this tantalizing tale. I so enjoyed reading it.

Doctor’s Orders

Patti is going to help the hero since he cannot seem to go to the bathroom with two burned hands. He expects she can be professional about it since she is in the medical field but somehow she has other thoughts that lead to a mind blowing experience.

This was a good tale with some really hot action. Mr. Burnham tells a story that has some really good scenes in it. The way Patti manipulates him to give her what she wants was great. I wish the man would have had a name as I feel it would have added more pizzazz to this story.

The Strap-On

Percy knows his girlfriend has had many experiences and when he sees the toy in the drawer, he begins to have fantasies about it. Anna throws out the toy without realizing it has been the starring role in her boyfriend’s fantasies but now she is determined to give him a trip unlike anything he has had before.

I adored this tale. This was such a spicy read I thought I was having hot flashes until I realized it was all because of this zinger of a tale. The way Ms. Morton had Anna helping Percy live out his fantasy just made it all the better. I could read this tale over and over again without ever getting tired of it.

Retail Seduction

Selena goes into a changing room to try out a new scarf knowing that it will turn her boyfriend on immensely. When Jim finds out that Selena stole from a store he decides he must punish her the only way he knows how.

This is enticing to say the least. I loved how Selena watches herself in the mirror. If that were not enough, there is the added element of possibly being caught by the sales lady. Then she goes home where Jim subjects her to some very hot BDSM that left me aching and wanting more.

Have Your Cake and Eat It

Leigh has been away for a week and is ready to get some much needed satisfaction from his girlfriend. Julie is happy that her boyfriend likes kink because what happens after a catering gig makes her very happy.

I found this tale to be disturbing. While I do not mind a tale that involves food, this went a little overboard for me. All I could think about was the infections that would happen because of the different foods that were poured into the cracks and crevices.


Colette wants to find a way to get satisfied since the regular spanking she gets seems to have not brought her any satisfaction as of late. Jouet is a man who uses a whip in the most interesting way and when Colette hears about him, she decides she must have him.

I could not get into this story. I found it to be a turn off as I did not find the way Jouet got turned on from hair a turn on for me. I do like how Colette turned the tables on the man who was said to be a master at what he did. It gave this story an interesting twist at the end.

Just Watch Me

Sharleen never realized she was into being watched until her boyfriend figured it out. Once James got her to explore her kinkier side, they took it one step forward and added a free web cam and their lives have never been more exciting.

This is one hot read! I love how Ms. Elyot has the characters building to the crescendo of the story. I think it just adds so much more that we see Sharleen go from this sort of shy girl who likes dirty talk to a woman who is willing to have sex in front of millions. This is another one of those stories that I could reread again just for the pleasure of it.

Jillaroo for a Week

Melissa and Sheila hear about a place they can go that not only allows them to make a cool thousand dollars each but it also is rumored to have erotic potential. Martha and Nicky are in the barn exploring their BDSM side when the two visitors happen upon them and it causes a desire unlike anything Melissa and Sheila have felt before.

What I liked most about this book was the message behind the story. It was certainly erotic enough to be sure. But there was also the significant meaning about staying in a place that you do not know anything about. Ms. Hore has made this a highly entertaining and hedonistic tale that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.


Maggie made the reservation four months ago and now she is anticipating the release that she and her boyfriend will receive. The next time Maggie sees Robert they are both in a room that flashes red from time to time and shows off the eroticism that each is feeling with the strangers, leaving them both satisfied.

Who does not have fantasies about being pleasured by two lovers? Then you add in the hedonistic element of having your significant other watch you being satisfied and it is made all the more tantalizing. Ms. De La Flambeau has set my body on fire with her titillating tale of hot sex in the dark. It makes me want to run out and see if I could find a place like this to explore my wild side with my own lover.

All About the Sex

Xavier knows that for Carla it is all about making her beg and plead for sex while pretending to not want it. When he comes this time, Carla finds herself being spanked which is a first for them to experience together and it adds a whole new dimension to their sensual relationship.

This is a good tale. I was not blown away by the heat and passion of the story but it had some good qualities in it. The way Carla reacted when she found out Xavier was going to spank her was detailed perfectly by Ms. Friday. This tale was nicely put together.

You’re My Toy

Aaron got a new toy for his wife, Janie, but it was unlike anything she had seen before and she was slightly intimated by it. But when he shows her first at home and then later in a dimly lit restaurant how good it can be, all sorts of ideas spring forth in Janie’s mind of where it can be used and who can use it.

The thought of being pleasured in a public place is a hot image for sure. There were moments when I wanted to laugh due to the comedy of the story versus the hotness of it. Overall, Ms. Marsden held my attention quite thoroughly. I was more intrigued about the way the characters hinted at possibly sharing themselves with a third party at a later date than the actual use of the toy.

The Devil’s Harlot

Sophie has put an ad in the paper asking for a man who is twenty years younger than she to do some sexual role playing with her. When she meets Jack at the bar, she knows he is the perfect applicant and Sophie takes him home to fulfill her needs.

Ms. Honeyman has written a novel that screams lustful imagination. What I really liked the most about this story was the fact that after the initial plot was over, there was enough of an ending to allow the reader to have closure to the tale. It gave the impression that what began as a simple fling would turn into something much more. I just wish I could have read about the sheriff fantasy as I am sure it was just as sensual as the sinner’s scenario.

Hugs, Kiss, Dominatrices

Elliot is his new female roommate who has taken over his apartment as well as his desire as he listens to the mysterious whirring noise that goes on for hours at a time. While she is away for the day, he peeks into her room and finds all sorts of treasures. When he is caught, Elliot shows him what he has been missing all those nights he listened to the strange noises coming from her room.

I liked how he is described as this wallflower while she is this Goth chick who has a ton of self-confidence. His anger at how she is treating his apartment is palpable and allowed me to get a real feel for the dynamics between him and his roommate. Ms. Nichols tells a story about a dominatrix and her sub without it being extremely overwhelming. It was a zesty tale that left me craving more.

A Bonding Experience

Carla and Erik are into rope bondage and when Erik’s friend and mentor Ryo invites the couple over, they know they are in for an experience of a lifetime. Ryo is blind but he uses his sense of touch to get his girlfriend Jessie and Carla in a sexual frenzy that allows Ryo and Erik to enjoy all of their charms to the fullest degree.

I love stories of bondage. I must say I did not always understand what the big deal was about how the women reacted to the feel of rope against their skin. It had nothing to do with how Ms. Roberts told the story as she used enough description that I could almost hear the sound of the rope as it rubbed against Carla and Jessie. This was most definitely a new experience in the erotic genre for me but one I did enjoy reading about.

Like Ribbons

Missy sees the male prostitute across the street and although she knows he usually sells to the male gender, she wants him. Wade agrees to have sex with Missy for a “donation” and afterward he comes face to face with his past.

This was more a bittersweet romance than anything else. Although the sexual encounter between Missy and Wade is in great detail it is not the focal point of this plot. Instead, it is the story that happens after they sleep together that is important. L.A. Fields tale of love found and lost is sweet and leaves your heart aching.

Kinky Girls is a story full of twenty different tales by twenty different authors with sex in many forms as the subject. While some of the stories were fantastic and had me reeling, others were just nice and ordinary, and one or two were just okay. Overall, this is a book that will keep you hot and bothered as you read about many different hedonistic experiences from bondage, spanking, voyeurism, orgies, lesbian encounters, sharing partners, and more. This is a novel that has a little bit of everything in it which will please just about anybody’s palate that has a taste for the erotica. This is a well put together anthology of delightfully carnal appetites with one main link…they all involve some very kinky girls.

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