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ISBN-13: 978-0-7582-3884-9, 10: 0-7582-3884-3
October 2009
Kensington Publishing Corporation
336 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Lock, Stock, and Jingle Bells

Coming back to Virginia is not how Holly Bennett anticipated spending her Christmas holiday, but her parents’ sudden decision to take off for sand and sun left her with no choice.

All of his life Sean Gallagher has been blessed with a multitude of loving and caring relatives here in Willow Creek as well as in Ireland. And though his parent’s deaths were sudden and devastating, taking over the family restaurant was as natural as breathing.

Holly stands before her mother’s beloved Christmas shop with terror and dread fighting for dominance in her head. This is not what she wants for her life, it never has been, but for her mother’s sake she has to do something with the shop. Sean sees Holly for the first time in years, but the sensation of having the ground shift beneath his feet is frighteningly familiar. He has wanted this woman for as long as he can remember, but the fear of rejection is no less daunting now than it was at seventeen.

Sean and Holly are the perfect yen and yang combination. He is everything that is big and boisterous, while she takes a quiet and somber approach to life. They click together like puzzle pieces, and complement each other wonderfully.

Bah, Handsome!

The clock is ticking for Hope O’Brien’s B &B, and it is her filthy rich creep of a step-brother that stands to benefit from her failure.

Doing the dirty work for his boss is wearing thin for Danny Shaw, and knowing that it is Hope who will suffer makes it that much harder.

Hope knows her brother is a rotten S.O.B., but to send out Danny this close to Christmas to make sure she comes up with his money is an all new low. So the guy is hot in a geeky-too-smart kind of way, but not enough to make her want him, right? Danny wants more than anything to help Hope out from under her financial mess, but right now he has way more carnal thoughts crowding his mind. She is smart, feisty, and not at all trusting of his motives, so where does that really leave him?

Bad boys are all well and good, but brains can be so much more fun, a fact that turns this story into one hot little number. Hope and Danny may be pitted against each other, but their hearts refuse to yield to anything but passion.

It’s Hotter at Christmas

To this day, Ted Greene keeps a reminder under his bed of how wrong it is to try to be something you are not for someone else. He left Kauai for a woman, and now has the emotional scars to prove it was the worst move he ever made.

Coming to Kauai for work would seem like a dream job, but Marissa Brandt has dealt with one catastrophe after another, and cannot wait to get home to Philadelphia before Christmas.

One teeny little incident with a TSA officer at the airport, and Marissa feels like her entire world is falling apart. What started out as a working vacation has turned into a nightmare that is only getting worse. Ted takes yet another statement from Marissa about a break-in in her hotel room, but what he really wants is to get her alone and preferably naked. A little tourist romance and send her on her way is just the diversion he needs, but something in his gut is screaming that it will not be that easy.
Most of us would find the allure of the tropics hard to resist, but add in a gorgeous green-eyed native, and all thought of home and hearth go flying right out the plane window. Ted is cocky and self-assured, but has that damaged heart women find all too hard to resist.

The holidays are trying and chaotic at the best of times, but throw in a hot guy and life-altering decisions and you have the makings of some pretty sexy showdowns. These three stories all have a common theme and time frame, but each author blesses her characters with angst and passion in a unique and wonderfully twisted way. I especially love how they are blunt to the point of brash, and voice their wants and needs. You can never go wrong with authors of this caliber, and this story is no exception.

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