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ISBN#: 9781771306805
December 2013
Evernight Publishing
$ 3.99
49 Pages
Western Romance Mystery
Rating: 5 Cups

Wyatt Winston does not care much for city girls, and when a newcomer arrives on the ranch, he does not wish her to screw up any of his plans.

Baylor Stivers desires to be happy again, so she leaves Atlanta and moves to her aunt and uncle's Kentucky ranch. She can only hope this will be the new start she needs.

To further his mission, Wyatt needs the Double R ranch sold, but with the arrival of Baylor, things might not run that smoothly. Baylor was a nurse and first member of the trauma response team until an incident happened that changed everything and brought her to the Kentucky ranch. Wyatt feels Baylor will take the ranch since it belongs to her aunt and uncle. Thanks to an angry bull, his professional riding days are over, but the arrival of a city girl definitely will not interrupt any new plans. When a dead body is discovered on the ranch, Baylor learns Wyatt is not only a cowboy but a cop. With each new development, Wyatt and Baylor start having deeper feelings toward the other, but try pushing them aside. When things intensify, with the murder and their feelings, neither knows who will end up winning in the end.

Kerri Nelson tells a good story with visualization that this reader can almost see. The life-like characters come across the pages, making the story sparkle. The idea of the strong cowboy sheriff taking care of the woman is a delight. Wyatt and Baylor had bad experiences fall into their laps, yet after getting more acquainted, they find a way to heal their scars. Kissing the Bull is an enjoyable, engaging read. The secondary players add enough spark to make this story well worth the read.

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