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ISBN# 9781611523775/ 9781480042971
4 November 2012
JMS Books, LLC
Ebook/ Print
$7.99/ $14.00
255 Pages
Gay Bisexual Contemporary Erotic Romance Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Whether it is fear of commitment or personality defect, Todd Eisenbraun is always drawn to men who are either straight or taken. In theory, he would love to have a stable relationship. In reality, he is never home long enough to make it work.

As much as Chris Potamianos loves to cook, he loves to eat even more, which is quite evident by his rather large waistline. Working for Marzipan!, the restaurant as well as Marzipan the owner, is a fabulous opportunity for Chris in so many ways.

Traveling to exotic locales as a flight attendant is a dream job for Todd, one that he takes full advantage of, especially when it comes to the men he meets. His friends at home try to set him up with a really great, single, gay guy, which means Todd is completely out of his comfort zone. Unfortunately, Chris’s extra bulk also has Todd questioning any attraction he may be feeling. His coworker, Josh, is more his type–tall, skinny, straight and committed, so it does not take long for Todd to fall head over heels.

Todd is one of those people who continually beats his head against a wall yet cannot figure out why he always has a headache. Although his fear of commitment is quite evident, he also has to battle with his aversion for Chris’s size. The emphasis that Chris’s weight is Todd’s problem, not Chris’s, is actually what I think I like best about this story. These characters feel like real people with real issues, and while you may want to condemn Todd for being shallow, you have to credit him for being honest.

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