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ISBN 1-58608-822-x
February 2006
New Concepts Publishing
Price: $3.50
113 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Princess Ula was told that prophecy states her true love would have dark eyes. She waits in the safety of her secret cottage for her prince to arrive. After her companion, Meara is taken from her; Ula leaves her cottage for help. Unfortunately, the man who lends a hand has blue eyes and sends warm sensations down her spine.

Shay is at a pub enjoying a beer with some friends while a snowstorm blows outside the pub. The snowstorm is the largest that Green Creek, New Jersey has seen in a good while. Shay is about to leave to go home when she enters.

Princess Ula has the power in her eyes to command any creature to follow her orders. Tucked away in safety she has to leave her safe haven when Meara, her druidess is taken captive. It has been foretold that the man that she will love will have dark eyes but the man she comes in contact with has blue eyes. Her heart takes a spin when she meets Shay. The only problem is he refuses to obey any of her commands. Shay is intrigued with Ula. He offers his help but he is resistant to any of her barking orders. She steals his Wolfhound, the two face Balor, the evil druid. Now while their feelings for each other are slowly intertwining, the evil druid threatens to take Ula and all her kingdom.

Kiss of Blarney is filled with twists and turns that takes the reader on a lovely magical spin. Shay and Ula are likeable characters and their story holds the readers attention. Ms. Marzec pens an enchanting story with characters that exhibit chemistry through the pages. She allows it to slow build then gradually increase. This is a sweet entertaining read.

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