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ISBN# 9781612176826
March 2013
The Wild Rose Press
$ 3.99
149 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

With the upcoming thunderstorm and the witching hour, Camille Lafayette knows there will be some strange happenings. She has been having dreams of dreadful crimes most of her life, but the most recent one really sticks in her mind.

Detective Oliver Sharoné, New Orleans P.D., finds himself embroiled in a murder case where Camille could be responsible. He never imagines the beauty to send heat to his heart the first time he sets eyes on her.

Camille’s visions practically wake her like a swarm of bees. The latest vision shows her behind the masquerade mask as a killer. When a sexy detective arrives at her home, arresting her for murder, she is shocked and mad. Oliver wants to hear more about Camille’s visions. Her exotic eyes are almost hypnotizing, and he imagines how it would be to be with her. First, he has to find out who is really behind the killings, if he wants a chance with Camille. Is he willing to bring the right person to justice before anything happens to Camille, or is this the end of both of them--before anything gets started?

Kiss of Death is engaging and has absolutely kept this reader glued tightly to the story until the dramatic conclusion. The whole ambiance of the New Orleans area really comes to life. The life-like characters have great chemistry. The visualization is so grand with Oliver his charm practically flows off the pages. Ms. Donovan creates a story that escalates in chemistry, suspense and romance that flies high between Camille and Oliver. She writes from her heart and makes a huge impression on this reader, who is glad her magnificent books will be around to read over and over again, helping this reader remember her even more.

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