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ISBN#: 978¬1¬62798¬696¬0/9781627986953
May 26, 2013
Dreamspinner Press
200 Pages
Vampires, Paranormal
Rating: 3 Cups

Luke Martin is an American student in the UK. He is bored by his studies more than anything, so when he meets a handsome man who is as much of a foreigner as he is, he hopes for a diversion.

Boris von Schatten is a prince of a very small country in Eastern Europe. A country that most people have never heard of. He is also an artist.

Georg von Schatten is the ruling prince of the small country of Schattenberg. Boris is his half-brother.

When Boris invites Luke to come visit his country for the summer vacation, Luke jumps on it, envisioning a vacation of romantic trysts with a man he is very attracted to. However, something entirely different happens. When Luke arrives in Schattenberg, he discovers Boris is missing. While Luke does what he can to help find Boris, it is not long before it is concluded that Boris is most likely dead. Armed only with the stories he learned from Boris during their short acquaintance, and while Luke does not believe most of the superstitious stories, even he begins to wonder when Georg begins to appear to exhibit symptoms of vampirism. Then there is the awful creature he sees staring in his window. Then to top it all off, he is beginning to fall for the enigmatic Georg. So, where will it all lead, and who is really the bad guy in this story?

My favorite part of this story where the developing relationship between Georg and Luke. While the scenes are in no way explicit (sorry to those of you who were hoping for hot m/m action), I liked how they got to know each other and the fact that neither jumped right into anything. The way Ms. Astor described the gargoyles made this story very enjoyable. I wish that they had had more of a role in the story as I could see them as being real from the way she described them. The author did a great job of keeping my attention throughout the story and I was unable to figure any of the mystery out until the very end, so kudos to Ms. Astor on that, it’s hard to keep my attention so she gets an A++ there. Now for the not so good stuff, while I enjoyed the mystery of finding out about Georg, Boris and the other characters in this story, much of the story was a bit too much like a grade B horror flick for me to take it too seriously. I kept waiting for the vampire to jump out of a closet or slink up the stairs and get caught draining someone dry, but it never really happened. However, this may very well have been Ms. Astor’s intention. If so she more than succeeded! If you love gothic mysteries with a touch of romance, then you most definitely want to pick up a copy of Kiss of the Dark Prince, you will enjoy it very much!

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