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ISBN# 9781509203017
August 2015
The Wild Rose Press
132 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Charlene Johnson was a college student with a promising career as a scientist ahead of her. The death of her parents ended that, and she is now the guardian of her disabled brother. She is working as hard as she can and still not making ends meet.

Zach Abingdon is the new pack alpha, but he is in need of a mate. The pack elder has chosen one for him, and he just needs to convince her that he is not crazy and keep her from being attacked by the evil ifrits outside pack lands.

Charlene is struggling financially since the death of her parents in a car crash. When her aunt dies and leaves her a house and farm, Charlene packs up everything, and she and her brother move to Eden, the place her mother told her never to visit.

This book has a lot of potential but is difficult to follow at times. The first section of the book does not seem to connect to the rest of the story. I believe it will help explain the rest of the series but detracts from this tale. I also did not understand the jinni/werewolf connection or why Charlene’s grandparents did not tell her who they were. I am sure future stories will clear up my questions, but I found myself more confused than entertained by this book.

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