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ISBN: 9781623009625
August 4, 2015
Loose Id, LLC
242 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Family is not something Kumiko Takeyama cares to think about. She would rather scrape by using her limited shape-shifting abilities than ever consider being back under her grandmother’s thumb.

For so long Takeo Shinozaki has focused on one thing: killing the woman who destroyed everyone he loved. The disaster of his last encounter with her is forefront in his mind when he decides to take on a young student with so-far untapped potential.

A life of crime pays well enough, yet Kumiko is not averse to learning a new way, unless of course it involves physical labor. Agreeing to become Takeo’s student, Kumiko learns much more than how to harness her abilities. Loving Takeo comes easy, which is why it is so hard to see him on a path of destruction. They only have a very small chance of succeeding in taking down Takeo’s foe, but the thought of losing Takeo terrifies her the most.

The twists of focus in this story are as mercurial as Kumiko’s personality. Her hotshot attitude as a professional criminal does a one-eighty when she is in Takeo’s presence. At times I find her very adolescent, then she will completely change it up and be the voice of reason with Takeo. Together; however, they keep the pace lively and the romance steaming hot.

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