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ISBN# 9781927368022
October 2011
Evernight Publishing
E Book
85 Pages
Paranormal/Erotic/Interracial Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Sakaria receives a note telling her that she is cursed to become a house cat. Not one to believe in such things, she ignores it—until she wakes up under her bed and sees her furry paws. Just as she starts to balance her two lives, her daytime human self and her nighttime cat self, she meets Desmond.

Desmond likes routine and an organized, quiet life. When he meets Sakaria, he falls for her instantly, even though she does not follow the structured outline of his life.

Both on the quiet side, these two need a little push to get together. Once they do, they enjoy each other’s company and even start to fall in love. As Sakaria tries to juggle her nighttime cat needs, along with her human ones to be with Desmond, their relationship becomes strained. To top it off, Sakaria finds out the details of the spell. If it is not broken by Halloween night, then she will remain a cat forever.

Desmond and Sakaria had great chemistry in and out of the bedroom, and I started hoping for them to work out their differences even before they were together. Sakaria surprised me a few times, not doing what I expected her to do, but it made the story interesting. This story took place over a year, but it was well written and not rushed. Kitty Wishes was a fun book to read.

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