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ISBN# 978-1-60504-674-7
October 2009
Samhain Publishing
211 Pages
Historical Romance
Ratings: 4 Cups

Terrwyn has special talents and an incredible skill with the bow. As the daughter of a dispossessed Welsh lord, she also has the ability to dream the future.

Sir James Frost considers the Welsh a stubborn lot, filled with pride. He has a particular task he must take care of for King Henry V, but coming in contact with Terrwyn was not part of the plan.

For the past three days, Terrwyn has found no sleep. She is the eldest in the family, and even though her mother just gave birth to her seventh sibling, she must find her younger brother and bring him home. After Terrwyn encounters James, she is not happy the English have entered her home area, yet they both feel drawn toward each other. The two must find a way to work together if she wishes to find her brother. Unfortunately, treachery begins to play a role in James’s life, and he must prove his heart is still loyal to the King. While putting their differences aside, they each put their sources together to help each other, but will it be enough to bond them together?

Knight Dreams is a tale that pulls you immediately into the plot, intrigue, and action-packed adventure. There were many times I thought I was right in the middle of the scenes. The dynamite characters are awesome. I could almost visualize Terrwyn as she shot her arrows when duty called. This story keeps the reader eagerly anticipating what the outcome will be, especially with James and Terrwyn. I found their love, sweet, and enjoyed the way their relationship developed. C.C. Wiley wrote a well researched, convincing story with great secondary characters that added just the right amount of gusto to the tale.

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