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Highland Gargoyle Series

Book 1 - Knights of Stone: Mason
Book 2 - Knights of Stone: Lachlan

Highland Gargoyle Series
ISBN#: 2940157882341
19 January 2016
$2.99/ Paperback: $7.99
168 Pages
Adult Paranormal Gargoyle/Wolf Shifter Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

How do you get a clan of gargoyles, wolf shifters, a coven of witches, and the outside human realm to play nice? It is up to Lachlan the alpha of his gargoyle clan to figure that one out. He has the rugged brogue that would make Sean Connery proud, sex appeal that is off the charts, wicked wit and humor, but his heart is what will endear readers to his story. There’s the common good-which is saving their way of life from the outside human world and then there is the forbidden fruit aspect; Raina. Both Raina and Lachlan are strong lead characters that are passionate opposites which make for a great story.

Raina is not your average woman; she can be a real bitch at times. No, seriously, being the alpha of a wolf pack’s daughter does not give her many favors and the last thing she needs is a rock star gargoyle complicating her ambitions with her pack. Raina knows that mating with one of her own is what is expected, but both her heart and wolf can’t let go of Lachlan. The gargoyle has really gotten under her skin in more ways than one. She is determined to do what is right for her pack, but what if doing what is right-is doing what might be wrong? Raina is at a cross roads and only her heart and time will show where her destiny lies.

Lachlan and Raina both are total opposites but opposites definitely attract in Knights of Stone: Lachlan by Lisa Carlisle. They have more than just working together to save their way of life on the island; they have the driving desire they feel towards one another. It’s a Romeo and Juliet story with a paranormal twist. Their passion will either save the island or hide their secrets or the human world will know all about wolf shifters, gargoyles, and witches. Now if only Lachlan can keep from starting a war with Raina’s father and pack, he’ll be a happy gargoyle.

There are a few things that make a romance novel a really great read; Scottish men with deep brogues and Rock & Roll. Lisa Carlisle has not only managed to have the ultimate in those departments but she has added the whole paranormal Gargoyle/Wolf shifter element which spices up her wonderful sensual story with animal magnetism in the mix. Are you purring yet? Knights of Stone: Lachlan is a must read. Ladies, you owe it to yourself to be seduced page after page with sexy Scottish men that not only have drop dead rock star looks, but have a whole other side to them to kick that passion up a notch. I also loved that Raina and the other female characters in the book were stand-alone characters. Raina is no besotted mush princess, she’s as wild and just as passionate as the “boys.” I highly recommend this book and I know that once you read this-you will love it too! Knights of Stone: Lachlan by Lisa Carlisle is a must add to your reading library.

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