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ISBN: 9781869507886
October 2009
HarperCollinsPublishers (New Zealand) Limited
$26.99 NZ
368 Pages
Romantic Fiction
Rating: 5 Cups

Daneka Lawton, who goes by Danny, is not known for being mealy-mouthed. In fact, if there was one word to describe the tough-as-nails nurse, it would be brash. When she gets custody of her niece and nephew after her twin sister dies, Danny continues to stomp through life full steam without too many mishaps...until Matt and Mia’s uncle shows up.

As a writer, Ross Fabello has many talents, but as a man he is known for being rude, obnoxious, and completely uncouth; a man used to railroading his way past most everybody, especially women. Somehow though, this slip of a woman with her blue tipped hair stands toe to toe and gives as good as she gets, something only his family can do.

One minute Danny is living a perfectly normal, albeit hectic life of being a single aunt and the next, she is having a fight in the middle of the produce section with a man who resembles a very sexy if not scruffy George Clooney. Ross is used to women clamoring for his attention but the outlandish female who has his niece and nephew uses tactics better suited for the battlefield to get to him. He is determined to ignore her sexy body and oftentimes peculiar outfits, instead focusing on the fact that she continues to dodge his every request. When it comes to family he can fight just as mean and dirty as she does and if it is a fight she is war she will get!

Knotted is a novel that has hilarious scenarios, sexual tension, touching moments, serious heartache, and will have you up until the early morning hours just because you have to read one more page. Ms. Holman takes the reader on a journey when she writes about Danny and Ross and their adventures into parenthood. Not only did I find Danny to be a wise cracking woman full of spit and vinegar, I found myself laughing at her antics as well as how she came up with many of her harebrained spur-of-the-moment schemes. Ross is a man who needs healing, not because he was heartbroken, but because his pride took a beating, and I found myself shaking my head as he contends with Danny. This story is one that I will be talking about for years to come and a must read for those who like to laugh so hard that they cry!

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