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ISBN#: 978-1-60777-200-2
March 2009
Ravenous Romance
177 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Gloria is a journalist. Her great aunt’s call came at a perfect time. Her ex-fiancé has just fired her from her job and she is finally ready to leave Las Vegas and come home to Kona.

Mano is an Aumakua, a guardian to Gloria’s family. For centuries he has lived in the sea as a shark, only assuming human form for a month at a time to help his family. In all those years he has never met anyone like Gloria.

Monie Grant is a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer and now owner of a New Age shop in Hawaii. A developer is threatening her family home, so she calls her great niece home and asks for the help of the shark guardian of her family. Mano and Gloria are determined to help her but he only has a month to find the deed to the property and love Gloria.

This is an interesting story using the ancient traditions and religion of Hawaii as its basis. Gloria is a very likable character, a young journalist rebuilding her life in the only safe place she ever knew. Mano is a strong and sexy alpha male and a bit of a fish out of water (no pun intended). His adjustments to the present century show that some things never change. The evil developer is an excellent villain, slick and good looking and manipulative. My favorite character is Aunt Monie, her ties to the present and past make this story work. This story will definitely make you want to go to the beach, even though you will not find your own Shark man there.

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