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2011 Interview

ISBN: 0671462288-Originally Published/ ASIN: BOO5AJQW9Y-Reprint
1986/ Reprint and Revamped-July 2011
Silhouette Desire/ Reprint-Smashwords / Reprint-
Print/ Reprint-eBook
182 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Marlayna O’Brien was devastated when her husband started divorce proceedings almost six years ago. She did not expect anything else to feel as bad as that, but when she got an invitation to HIS engagement party, Marlayna learned her anger was far from gone.

When Noah woke up in a hospital six years ago, knowing he would probably never walk again, he knew the best thing would be to let his beautiful wife go. He just did not expect it to come back and haunt him years later.

As a highly lucrative businesswoman and model, Marlayna has made a name for herself. When she spots Noah at his fiancée’s home (a pink castle!) she knows one way or another she is going to get the answers and maybe something more from her ex. Noah refuses to allow Marlayna to walk away and he is determined to prove to her that he is there to stay and that he wants her back. Considering he is at a party to celebrate his own engagement, Noah has a ton of work to do to prove to Marlayna that he has the staying power this time and it is with the woman he loved and left six years ago.

Lady Be Bad is one of those novels that hook you from the first and Ms. Chase knows how to grab the reader’s interest quickly. The interaction between Marlayna and her memories of Noah give us some insight into the way the relationship was before they split up and before she met up with her ex again later in the story. To top it off, you have the dynamic duo Paul and Sylvia who make this story so much better with their sarcastic air and dry sense of humor. The struggle that Noah has with his own self-image is a major obstacle in the novel, and I am happy to say it was a great balance; not quickly fixed, but not dragging on until the problem was beat to death. What really had me enjoying this novel was the fact that I misinterpreted who Marlayna was, seeing her as a weak woman who seems extremely needy when in reality she is a strong and vibrant woman who shows Noah she can help him heal if he will give her half a chance.

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