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Rules for the Reckless Series
Book 1: That Scandalous Summer
Book 2: Fool Me Twice
Book 3: Lady Be Good

Rules for the Reckless, Book 3
ISBN: 9781476741376
July 28, 2015
Pocket Books
367 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Lily Monroe will always feel pain when thinking of her sister, even though Fiona would be so happy to know Lily is living out their dream. Working as an Everleigh Girl hostess, Lily has remade herself into Lilah Marshall, leaving behind a criminal past and earning respectability.

Being labeled a hero makes Christian Stratton cringe every time he thinks about it. He is not worthy, and has never wanted his brother’s title, which would not be his now if not for a Russian madman out to destroy his family.

Working so closely with someone as educated as Catherine Everleigh is a wonderful opportunity for Lilah, despite Catherine’s salty attitude. The one saving grace is being near Lord Palmer, whose very presence makes Lilah yearn for so much more. Christian can rationalize his use of Catherine to get near the Russian, as she needs him as much as he needs her, but having Lilah caught up in his scheme is not acceptable. With her skill set, Lilah is more than his equal, yet there is no way Christian is going to risk her safety.

As much as Lilah wants to hide her past, it is right there at her fingertips when she needs it. She and Christian are a matched pair, which may disconcert him, but also makes for some very exciting sparks. Lilah works so hard to better herself, even though Christian knows right off she is more than worthy. I love how this puts the focus more on their strengths, and draws the reader right in to the heart of the story.

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