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ISBN#: 978-1-60394-416-8
March 2010
New Concepts Publishing
182 Pages
Time Travel/Fantasy Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Molly Pendragon may be living in the twenty-first century, but she is still the daughter of King Arthur of Camelot. She has been fighting evil for fifteen hundred years and has never found her soul mate.

Collin is a multimillionaire who has always been fascinated with magic, and Molly. He arranges to steal the Avalon Diaries, the journals kept by Molly and her fellow female warriors, just to get to know her, if not in person, then by her writings.

The Avalon Diaries are very important documents entrusted to the only daughter of King Arthur for safekeeping. Molly has been keeping a low profile in the twenty-first century, but the theft of those diaries could change the course of history forever. She and the man who arranged for the first theft, since they were stolen from him, are sent back in time to avert a disaster of epic proportions.

Ms. Matthews has given the reader a new twist on the Arthurian legends. Arthur and his sisters are just as powerful, but come across as real people. Morganna is not all evil, and Queen Gwen is a silly over religious woman, not Arthur’s true love, but not the backstabbing adultress either. The plot is full of interesting characters both magical and mundane, and the storyline is full of excitement and unexpected twists and turns. The highlight of the story is the love story between Collin and Molly. Once I got past his being the grandson of her best friend in another time, I enjoyed their story immensely. Both strong characters, their story is not smooth, but they complement each other perfectly. I really enjoyed my trip back in time to Camelot, and Ms. Matthews’ take on the legend.

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