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ISBN- 9781595788016
January 24, 2011
Liquid Silver Books
Rating: 4 cups

Ah-Tabai Balam is a were-jaguar created by a Mayan priest centuries ago. Ah-Tabai is bound to the city he swore to protect when he became a jaguar god. Ah-Tabai also goes by the name of Tony when he is in his human form.

Kit was orphaned at a young age and is completely unaware of his history. Kit is uncomfortable with his sexuality, but his desires are forcing him to come to terms with it.

Tony has become friends with Professor Owen through the years the instructor has been digging in the ruins. Tony helps where he can and keeps an eye on those people with the professor who are up to no good. Kit begins to experience changes in himself from the moment he enters the jungle. Tony notices a heightened sense of awareness and feeling territorial. Tony recognizes another Balam -god- from the moment the group arrives. Together, these two men must put a stop to the people who want to loot the pyramid of jade and gold.

The idea of the were-jaguar intrigued me from page one. I found that I became so absorbed in the story that time stopped as I read. This is such a well-written book. The male/male love scenes are red-hot and sensual without being too much. Watching Kit own his sexuality and fall in love was such a wonderful experience. Ms. Dees has written a delightful story, which I will look forward to reading again and again.

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