Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 1-60601-841-8
June 2010
202 Pages
Erotic, Contemporary, Suspense, Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Losing her mother a few years ago and not knowing her father was hard for Samantha Brooks, but she has made a decent life for her and her dog, Max. He is her best friend, and as close to family as Sam has, but there are days when she wishes for more.

Always focused on being the best doctor he can be, Jared Dalton has had his share of broken relationships. His career came first, but since meeting Sam, Jared can envision a life beyond the hospital walls.

Sam was never cavalier about her safety, but living with a Great Dane and being very independent probably makes her less conscious of the dangers around her until one horrible night. She escapes with her life, but the scars on the outside will fade much faster than the ones inside, and it is with the help of Jared that those are healing as quickly as they are. Jared has never met a woman he admires and desires more than Sam, and for the first time ever he wants to share his life and his heart with another person. Sam wants everything Jared is offering, but the attempt on her life was made by a madman who will not stop until he has finished what he started.

Sam and Jared are an impassioned and appealing couple who readily bare their hearts and souls for the reader to savor. You never question their feelings or their commitment even during the darker moments of this story. It is those moments, however, where I find the plot thinning out and the danger is not quite as intense as it could be. The romance and sensuality is beautifully done and easily holds you riveted to every word.

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