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ISBN: Unavailable
April 2011
Whispers Publishing
113 Pages
Erotic Romance; Interracial; Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Eminence Dutton is checking out the club for business purposes only. She wants to start her own club and when her ex-best friend Jordyna invites her to her opening, she decides to go.

Keys Tanksley loved Eminence back in high school, and when she accused him of cheating with her best friend, it broke his heart. Helping Jordyna get her club ready has helped him keep his mind off the fact that Eminence was invited and after all these years he is still craving her.

Seeing Keys again has Eminence recalling all of the emotional upheavals she felt the day she found him kissing Jordyna. He wants one last night with her to get Eminence out of his system. When she says yes, they experience the same mind-blowing sex they had when they were in a relationship. Can Eminence get over her past mistakes and see Keys for the loyal lover he was? Will Keys give her a second chance, or did Eminence ruin it forever?

Last Call is an emotional entanglement between two past lovers and a friend who is caught in the middle. I really liked how Ms. Midway had Eminence and Keys struggling to get over each other even as they could not keep their hands off each other. The way the story would flash from present to the past allowed me to better understand this poignant plot. The sex was rich in detail and hot enough to sear you. This tantalizing tale of love the second time around will leave you wanting more from this talented author.

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