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A Sharon Howard Mystery

Book 1 - Last Dance
Book 2 – One Last Goodbye
Book 3 – The Last to Remember
Book 4 – Until Our Last Embrace
Book 5 – For the Last Time
Book 6 – dreams Don’t Last
Book 7 –Last Fires Burning
Book 8 – Glory’s last Victim
Book 9 – Last Rites
Book 10 – Last One Down

A Sharon Howard Mystery Book 1
ISBN- 978-0-373-26747-7
April, 2011/1999
Worldwide Mysteries/Avalon books
$6.99 US/$7.99 CAN
252 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Sharon Howard has been the sheriff of Diamond Springs for the past two years. It has been relatively quiet for that time, but now a young girl has been murdered and it is eerily similar to a murder that took place ten years prior.

Sharon has angered many as she reopens the older case, one her father helped solve. A man is sitting on death row and soon to be executed for that crime. Is there another killer out there copycatting, or have the got the wrong man?

With people up in arms and wanting the murder solved, just what is she to do? Follow her instincts or bow to public pressure? She needs to solve this case in hopes of catching a killer and just maybe saving an innocent man’s life.

What a mystery, keeping the killer a guess until the end. Last Dance has a great cast of characters that show a part of small town life, even though it can have a bit of the bad of larger cities. It is a page turner that you will want to keep reading until the last clue is unturned.

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