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One Warlock’s Love Story Series

Book 1: All Knight Long
Book 2: One Moore Knight
Book 3: Last Goode Knight
Book 4: That Stormy Knight

One Warlock’s Love Story, Book 3
ISBN: 9781610407580
June 4, 2014
Torquere Press
199 Pages
GLBT, Paranormal
Rating: 2 Cups

With his lover in a coma and his father breathing down his neck about pack business, Tau is ready to burst. He hates leaving Zander’s side, but with an event as big as the pack trials, Tau knows he cannot refuse his father’s demands.

Like a wild and crazy dream slowly slipping away, Zander Knight regains consciousness. Something is different within his body, although he cannot quite put his finger on exactly what that may be.

A pack trial like no one has seen in twenty years is not something Tau can blow off, especially when he is next in line to be alpha of his pack. It would be wonderful to have Zander here as his mate, yet he knows he must do his duty regardless. Once Zander awakens and realizes how much he has missed, he has only one thought, and that is to get to Tau. Pack business may be just that, but with his new abilities, Zander will not sit idly by while someone else claims the man he loves.

This story pretty much twists and skews everything I love about M/M romance, shape-shifters, and paranormal. The characters here are like a bunch of play-ground bullies strutting around and literally measuring who has the biggest. With so many over-inflated egos and ghetto talk, it almost makes you wonder if this is not meant as some sort of parody. A little sincerity and toning down of just about everything, would make this a much more enjoyable and interesting read.

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