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February 2009
ISBN: 13-9781607771777
Ravenous Romance
152 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Super Bowl Sunday

Ann may not watch the Super Bowl, but she knows how to create quite the tasty treat for her husband and his friends.

Jay and Bob are the only two out of the four friends that are coming over to watch the Super Bowl, and Ann’s husband is a little bummed.

When Ann makes celery and carrots instead of the delicious meal she usually does, all the men begin to think this will be the year their Super Bowl tradition starts to fall apart, until they walk into the kitchen at half time to a spread unlike anything they have ever seen before. All three men enjoy their tasty treat to their fullest capacity and no one leaves the party unsatisfied.

This was a hot and steamy read that will have you squirming in your seat. Tony Wards knows how to write some spicy sex. I like how Ann built up to their halftime dinner with her intriguing actions. I definitely enjoyed this zesty tale and you will too.

Back in the Day

When Blair was in his twenties he found himself having a leather fetish.

Paul first met Blair at a leather show and they have been together ever since.

On their twentieth anniversary, Paul takes Blair back to the first place they met. As they slip into the dark theater, it brings back some intense memories for Blair. When Paul tells Blair to get naked and slip into the leather he has provided, Blair realizes this is just what he wants. It is an unforgettable anniversary that will stay with Paul and Blair.

R. Wilde uses some very kinky scenes to keep the reader interested. Not only is there some very hot man on man loving going on within the story, but there are multiple man on man sex scenes to whet your appetite. I love how the story begins with Paul trying to convince Blair to go on this twentieth anniversary trip with him and then flashing back to how they first met. It gives the story realism and believability.

The Last Time They Would Swing

Karen and Kyle have different themes for the days of the week.

Wanting to try something new, they meet Victor and Hannah about swapping partners.

When the time finally comes for them to swing, Karen and Kyle are nervous. However, they soon begin their adventure in swapping and get lost in the heat of the moment. What began as a curious exploration ends up being an intense night of sexual gratification unlike anything either has ever felt before.

Mr. Buck tells an interesting story to say the least. I like how the tale shows a couple who is willing to try different things to keep their marriage fresh. Add the way Karen tries not to laugh at Kyle’s outrageous Count Dracula costume and it becomes a story worthy of any reader’s time. Whether you are into swinging stories or couples looking for something different you will enjoy this story.

Counting Back to Eight

Gina Jane is a hairdresser.

Some people say that Tommy is weird because he has all of these quirks.

Determined to find out what makes him tick, Gina Jane finally asks Tommy out. After spending some time at the local bar, she takes him back to her place. Once there she quickly learns what Tommy likes. It does not take long for Gina Jane to show Tommy she knows exactly what he needs.

I thought how Ms. Rashad has Gina Jane unwrap the uniqueness of Tommy was brilliantly done. While there is no actual penetration involved, I thought the heat from how Gina Jane knowing how to push Tommy’s buttons made this a steamy read. The way she explores what he needs was beautifully done. What a fantastic story to read.


Joan has been looking forward to the long weekend that she would spend with her husband.

Mark has something extra special planned for their eighteenth anniversary.

When Joan and Mark meet his friend Albert in the bar, it is a night of laughter and fun. Soon enough things move back to their hotel room. From there Joan gets a real treat.

N. Vasco uses imagination and kinky events to tell a story. I found the flashbacks that Joan had with some of her steamier scenes to be an erotic tale of their own. It makes the reader feel like they are in the foreplay part of a story and the main event will be that much better. And once the story really gets going, it will not disappoint.

The First Brick

Rox is struggling to feel sexy after having a baby.

Robert wants his wife to see him as a husband and a man not just a father.

After some down time at a bonfire, Robert begins to take a more dominant role in the bed. Rox finds her husband’s spankings and forceful nature such a turn on that she becomes a wildcat wanting him more and more. Finally after so many stressful times of not knowing what is going to happen to their tense marriage, the domination in the bedroom can help relieve some of the tension and give them some much needed sexual relief.

Ms. Rhoads uses the reality of struggling parents to show a story that makes you understand how the characters are feeling. I love how Robert becomes domineering and takes control in such a way that Rox cannot help but enjoy it. Their insecurities as married people as well as their individual tastes for certain types of sex make this fantastic tale all the more real. This is a beautifully written piece, one that I highly enjoyed reading.


Aurelia loves her husband of thirty-one years.

When Alan had his mother move in with them he knew it would be an adjustment for him and Aurelia.

While Aurelia continued to go to work daily, Alan stayed home to take care of his mother. Most days the married couple could not always get the intimacy they needed. However, one special day while his mother is sleeping, Aurelia and Alan are able to explore their needs to the fullest.

What a touching story. Not only do we get to see how amazing these two characters are to take care of a loved one, but we get to see how strong their marriage is after so many years. I loved it. Mr. Glasse knows how to make a reader feel great after reading one of his stories.

I Love Lou Ces’Lablanc

At the age of sixteen Frank began to cross dress and later became known as Fran.

Lou is renting out part of the brownstone he lives in.

One night Fran walks in on Lou while he is watching a porn movie. Instead of being pushed out, Lou invites him in to stay and help alleviate some tension. When Fran explains that while he has breasts, his lower half is all male, Lou explains that he knows. From then on Wednesday nights become a ritual for them, one that they both enjoy.

When I first started reading this story I was not sure what exactly was going to happen. However, it was not long before I became engrossed in the pages. Ms. Gardener uses heartfelt emotions to tell this tale. I love how we get to see where Fran and Lou start, as well as how they are still connected after ten years.


Ken is used to being the one to bring home the money.

Now that Barbara is working, things have become more complicated at home.

While vacuuming, Ken finds a note written by his wife. Assuming the worst, Ken cannot quite accept that his wife may be having an affair or getting ready to start one. After rereading the note again, he begins to understand. When Barbara gets home, she sees that her plan is falling perfectly into place.

Mr. North has written a story in which we get to see role reversal not only in the bedroom, but in the couple’s life as well. It makes this tale even more interesting and easy to understand as it brings a touch of reality to it. The way the story was written keeps the reader on edge and not sure what exactly is going on. This tale will be enjoyed by many, and I for one am glad I had the chance to read it.

Double Snapped

Bill has been with his lover for fifteen years.

Justin is going with Bill back to where their kinky lifestyles started for his thirty-fifth birthday.

Being in Provincetown brings back some memories of their voyeuristic nature. Pretty soon Bill and Justin are looking for some much needed action. When they find a dark and seedy bar, things begin to get really interesting.

My oh my! Mr. Graziedella definitely knows how to write kink. This is a tantalizing tale that keeps you riveted and will have you feeling all hot and bothered. I love how Justin and Bill love the thought of voyeurism but still cherish each other enough to ask first. Add the extra partners and this steamy read becomes red hot.

La Petit Mort

Kim is ready for a much needed vacation.

Greg cannot wait until he gets his wife to a place where she will not have to be quiet during sex.

When Kim and Greg get to their vacation spot, he immediately seduces his wife into one intense orgasm. The weekend is spent in one sexual position or another. By the end of the weekend, Greg and Kim are more satisfied than they have been in a long time.

We get to see once again two people who need some sexual gratification get what they want. Mr. Wards uses a husband’s need for sex and a wife’s need for attention to bring forth a great story. I love how each detail is not forgotten, including what happens when a mother does not nurse. What a hot read!

Lasting Lust is an anthology that contains all sorts of genres with one thing in common: These stories are about couples who are in love and find ways to keep the spark alive or to rejuvenate their spice. Some of the stories were not as fantastic as others, but each had their own unique voice to keep the reader interested. I loved the spice that was added to this novel with each touch, each caress, and each kiss the characters gave to their loved ones. This is one hot read that will have you aching for more.

Caution: This tale contains many different sexual scenes including m/m, f/f, m/m/m, m/m/f/m, m/m/m/m, transgender, anal play, anal sex, voyeurism, bondage, and spanking.

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