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Black Ops Inc. Series

Book 1: Show No Mercy
Book 2: Take No Prisoners
Book 3: Whisper No Lies
Book 4: Feel the Heat
Book 5: Risk No Secrets
Book 6 – With No Remorse
Book 7 – Last Man Standing

Black Ops Inc., Book 7
ISBN: 978-1-4516-0682-9
February, 2012
Pocket Star Books/Simon and Schuster, Inc.
$7.99 US/$9.99 CAN
384 Pages
Suspense/ Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Joe Green has a mission to complete; except this Special operative agent needs to avenge his Black Ops., Inc. brother's death. He knows it was not an accident that Bryan died and is out to prove it, but he needs to keep everyone in the dark. He does not want anyone else killed, especially Stephanie, Bryan’s sister and the woman Joe cannot get out of his heart and soul.

Stephanie Tompkins has just been dumped by Joe and she does not buy the story that he just does not love her enough. When a file comes across her desk at work that shows Joe being arrested for a murder, she finds herself throwing caution to the wind and heading to Sierra Leone to save the man she loves.

The situation Stephanie manages to get into is a lot deeper than she thinks and when the truth begins to unravel, she needs to believe Joe and what he is telling her. But Joe is having a hard time dealing with not being in charge after spending a month in hell. Weak, and until he gains his strength back, he needs to lean on someone else. Hopefully, they can make it out with their lives intact.

Whew; Ms. Gerard has put some kick-ass characters in her latest book from the Black Ops Inc. Series. Joe and Stephanie’s’ story will keep you glued to the seat of your chair with excitement. Adrenaline rush and some sexual tension just add more to the suspense and adventure filled ride. Last Man Standing is definitely a keeper for the bookshelf.

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