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ISBN# 9780553391886
March 10, 2015
320 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Growing up, Cassie Carter and her two sisters were closer than close. When Cassie chooses to elope with the wrong boy it destroys her and her relationship with her family. After years of trying to get back home, Cassie is finally able to return to the Seattle area with her daughter.

Mending the rift with her sisters is not easy. Karen and Nichole have their own lives and no desire to reopen their homes or their hearts to the sister who ripped the family apart. Yet one letter from Karen will begin a dialogue that will finally start the ball rolling.

Cassie’s life has never been so busy with trying to work off the sweat equity for her new Habitat for Humanity home and keeping up with her clients at the salon. Still, she has time for her sisters, and maybe even time to open her heart to the possibility of a second chance at love. Sometimes coming home takes years, but the rewards are forever.

The poignant tale of three sisters will really suck you in on page one. Readers will discover something of themselves in all three women and will cheer and groan as life deals some hard truths to the sisters. This one is definitely worth picking up.

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