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ISBN# 978-1-60592-060-3
November 15, 2009
Amber Quill Press
113 Pages
Dark Fantasy / Vampire / Paranormal
Ratings: 4 Cups

Elena Talbot has never felt beloved unless she was in the moment of ecstasy within the embrace of a lover. As a newly turned vampire, of late she has been in Lucas’ care.

Lucas Vitale is not only an investigator but also a vampire. He takes care of Elena and satisfies her in many ways. One thing he dislikes is anyone not trusting him.

After the man who sired Elena is killed, she stays with Lucas. Since her transformation, her main goal has been to work on controlling her sexual pleasures, but being alone with Lucas increases her desire in many ways. She also learns much from him. Lucas is the type who chooses his feeders like a human decides on a piece of fruit. Elena owes him a lot, and once she is able to obtain a job, she feels as if her debt to him will be paid. When he begins to act differently and she suspects him of foul play, she begins to keep an active eye on him. There has to be some reason he is looking into her late Sires’ death. When Lucas decides on sending her packing, will Elena ever be able to return to Lucas, or will her time be cut short just like her Sire’s?

Once you go to pick up this book, I suggest you wear something on your hands so you don’t get burned, because La Vida Muerta is steamy hot. You might want to keep a bucket of ice nearby too. Lucas is one sizzling hot lover. He is an enigmatic character who really puts punch into this wild and savvy story. The intense moment between Lucas and Elena was nail-biting when she is digging for answers. Jennifer Colgan pens an entertaining story that keeps the reader mesmerized.

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