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ISBN: 9780373774340-Paperback/ 9781426845987-eBook/
January 2010
HQNBooks, an imprint of Harlequin Enterprises Limited
Paperback/ eBook/ Audio book
$7.99-Paperback/ $7.20-eBook/ $24.95-Audiobook
344 Pages-Paperback/ 10 hours & 11 minutes-Audio
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Jane Morgan has made a good name for herself and that is the way she wants it. She is no longer the young, rebellious teen who went wild and did things she now regrets.

William Chase may seem like trouble, with his choice in appearance and attitude. However, he is a respected business owner and a likable guy.

Jane keeps telling herself the boring, staid men in her life are exactly what she is looking for in a husband. But one peek at sexy Chase and she finds herself reverting to her wild passionate ways of the past. When her brother is accused of a heinous crime, Jane enlists the oh-so improper sexy man and just hopes she can keep her mind on the task of setting her brother free. Because if her past ever gets out and her secrets are discovered, she is afraid she will lose more than her job, she will lose her respectability.

This novel is a stunning account of one woman’s fight to maintain the perfect poise even if it goes against who she really is. Ms. Dahl gives us Jane, someone so desperate to fit in she changes her name and appearance. Then there is William Chase, a man who may look like he could rob a bank but who is the farthest from a criminal. The mystery surrounding the crimes within the book keeps the reader guessing, along with a bunch of vibrant sub-characters that any person would be glad to have standing at their backs. With its highly sensual scenes, charismatic characters, and a moral that gets the message across Lead Me On is a definite repeat read for me!

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