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ISBN: Unavailable
June 2006
Moonlit Romance Publishing
E-Book / Print
$2.00 / $9.07
102 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Katie Marie Morrison wants to teach and then go home afterwards to her own family instead of being a waitress at Pop’s Diner. First she needs a degree and a husband, but that flew out the window when Jeff moved away.

Jeff McAlester knew that sweet Katie Marie was not a morning person, but there she was bright as day and all his heart could do was thump like a brass drum. Now to win her back.

Katie cannot believe that Jeff is back in Glen Meadow. When Norma Jean, the resident psychic, informs her that the spirits have given her good news that love and a wedding are in the cards for Katie, she wishes the woman would hush her nonsense. Things like that do not come around again for her. Jeff has returned home to win the girl back that continues to make his heart race like wild horses, and this time he will not let her get away. He is determined to show Katie his true feelings and hopes she will forgive him so they can have a second chance. When Katie sees how committed Jeff is to making a new start, she can only wonder if she can learn to live and have that happy everlasting family life.

Learning to Live is a sweet, captivating read. Katie is torn over many desires as she tries to follow her heart, while Jeff reminds me of the prince who returns to woo his princess. Both are believable and refreshing characters. Ms. Allison pens a delightful storyline within the vivid town of Glen Meadow where everything springs forth and transcends radiantly through the pages. The secondary characters add zest, allowing the story to flow smoothly. Add Norma Jean with her spirits and this is one delectable story that should not be missed.

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