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The Dragon's Saga

Book 1: Legend of the Oceina Dragon
Book 2: Legend of the Inero Dragon
Book 3: Legend of the Touched
Book 4: Legend of the Forbidden

The Dragon Saga, Book 4
ISBN# 9781621350675
Astraea Press
188 Pages
YA Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Danielle Inero has been engaged with her best friend for most of her life. As the only female dragon, she knows the different dragon cultures expect great things out of her.

Tyson of the Terran is Danielle's betrothed and best friend. Knowing she loves another, his affection toward his fiancée is one that a brother would feel for a sister. Ethan is Danielle's other best friend, the man she truly loves. But he knows it is pointless to see where his attraction toward her goes, since she will be married quite soon to Tyson.

As Danielle continues to fight her attraction for Ethan, she tries to imagine how she will be settling into a loveless and passionless life with Tyson. Knowing she cannot go through with it, Danielle, Ethan and Tyson try to come up with a way to get out of the arranged marriage. But an evil governing official is determined to see Danielle and Tyson say their vows at any cost.

I love reading dragon stories, especially ones that belong in a series. However, I am a little disappointed with this one. While the storyline shows a ton of promise, I feel that Ms. Jenkins's writing keeps me hanging time and again. I could feel the story build and build, but the climax I waited for never comes. When the action I looked for finally does come, it seems tepid and watered down. I will say I love watching Danielle, Tyson and Ethan finally take control of their own lives and destinies, and do hope to read how their lives continue in the next book.

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