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ISBN#: 9781603944717
November 2010
New Concepts Publishing
163 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Rachel is a young woman stuck between two different worlds. She is half human and half fairy and has devoted herself to protecting the existence of the Fey from discovery by humans. Rachel is a warrior who fights the Fey’s enemies. She is unsure of herself on a personal level, but knows that she excels as a warrior. She is also in love with Fyre.

Fyre is Rachel’s Keeper. He is charged with watching over her both to protect her and to make sure she does not betray the Fey. He is good to Rachel and tries to protect when possible but if he is caught trying to help her, it will mean eternal torture. He also cannot love Rachel because it is forbidden by the Fey for one of their kind to be with a human.

Rachel is ordered by the council of the Fey to hunt down and kill a very dangerous creature called a Barrow-Wight. At first, she is excited because she knows if she kills this creature, she may finally be accepted as Fey. Her courage flags, however when she discovers that no one knows how to kill this thing. Can she kill it and survive to tell the tale? More importantly, will she live long enough to finally tell Fyre that she loves him and find out if he feels the same?

This was a wonderful story to escape into after a hectic day. Full of other worldly creatures and people you love and want to see get that happy ending. Mrs. Dameron-Hill did a wonderful job of putting an unusual twist on the characters from our fairy tales. She makes the characters come to life and tug on your heart as they struggle with their identity, relationships, and, of course, monsters. If you like paranormal romance, you should definitely grab this book and get to know Rachel and Fyre and the many other colorful characters in this book.

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