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Silk’s Vault Publishing
76 Pages
Erotic Paranormal
Rating: 2 Cups

Isabeau Roberts, an American orphan raised by nuns. She is a student at their Catholic school, where she meets and falls in love with her English teacher M. Hunt. She despairs of ever earning his affection though.

M. Hunt is Isabeau’s teacher and the object of her affections. He is attracted to her right away, though is rather secretive about showing it.

When Isabeau and her friend are invited to a dance, she meets a young man and considers dating him. However, when the boy’s roommate is abusing one of her schoolmates, she changes her mind in favor of saving her classmate when he won’t help her or her friend. While trying to save her friend a mysterious stranger appears and saves them both. Suddenly Isabeau has more beaus than she knows what to do with when the stranger and M. Hunt both come to court her.

I liked the premise of this book. However, there were several problems, which made it difficult to read. One of these is it reads as though it were set in the Victorian period, rather than the present day. Also, certain incidents in the story were not convincing. In addition, things happened and characters appeared who were unexplained. Finally, the characters were not well developed, particularly M. Hunt. I think this book has promise. Perhaps, were the author to develop the characters' personalities a bit more and explain the story in more detail, as well as have a resolution at the end, it could be a pleasurable read.

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