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ISBN: 978-1477829622
July 1, 2015
47 North
Trade Paperback
326 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Dreaming of a career as a chef seems so ridiculous to CeCi, considering she is living every girl’s fantasy.

This close to the completion of her Pages, Bianca is looking forward to the day her life will be her own.

Having done everything according to script, Rory should be the happiest woman in Grimmland. Yet no matter how hard she tries, it is always beyond her reach.

CeCi, Bianca, and Rory write Zell relentlessly trying to figure out why she left so suddenly, while also filling her in on their own adventures. They spend much of their time slipping out of Grimmland to the Outside. Their ventures to the Human world are exciting, yet not without danger. Seriously upsetting the Godmothers, as well as the natural balance in the Realm, could have everlasting effects, destroying lives for generations to come.

When Zell takes off so suddenly to live her dream, it prompts her friends to look at their own lives. With their friend gone, the princesses are left feeling like they are missing a crucial link at a time when they need each other the most. It takes some reading to get a feel for who these characters are, especially if it has been many years since reading about fairy tale princesses. In this story, the real life and times of princesses are brazen, bold, and often sad, but then again there is a definite dark side to every one of these tales if you look close enough.

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