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ISBN: 9780352345165
May 2009
Black Lace, an imprint of Virgin Books LTD.
251 Pages
$12.95 (USA) $16.50 (CAN) £7.99 (UK)
Erotic Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Roadside Rescue

Sarah is on her way to meet her lover, Mervyn, in Fort Williams, Scotland when her car breaks down. When Gavin arrives to tow her car, Sarah is surprised to find herself aching to connect with the driver. But with one lover waiting in another town, will she take the chance on a man who oozes sensuality?

Ms. Ashbless has written a very hot and sexy story. The way Sarah struggles, not only with her attraction to Gavin, but with her complicated relationship with Mervyn is very realistic and makes for a better story. Every sexual encounter in this story was steamy and the props used made this tale a unique and exciting read. If you have ever had a fantasy involving a mechanic, this is the story for you.

Table for Three

Michael has never been with a woman before and wants to try. When his boyfriend agrees to watch him with a woman, Michael becomes extremely turned on. Will their one night adventure turn into something more or is it destined to end up in heartbreak?

No doubt about it, Ms. Forte has written an erotic and tantalizing tale of spicy passion. This story is full of different fantasies. The thought of being watched made this tale that much more scorching. But I really was put off by the fact that only one character had a name and the rest were impersonal.

My Tutor

John Baron is the English literature professor. Bella is one of his students, twenty-five years younger, and emotionally torn by what she had just witnessed. Now, her teacher will use his hands and mouth to cure Bella of a broken heart and maybe give her a passing grade too.

Ms. Bond takes a hot story and makes it even spicier by bringing in the teacher/student fantasy. The way John gets Bella to talk about what she saw, and then turn it into a steamy session, was nice. The way the story spans year after year was great as well. This is a pleasant tale for any erotica reader.

Advanced Corsetry

Miss Frost makes corsets and once in a while she gets to do a unique one with special toys and sections within the clothing. Jess comes into her store one day with her husband and waits to be measured and fitted for one. When Miss Frost finds out an interesting fact about Jess, it may give a whole new meaning to customer satisfaction.

Ms. Elyot blew me away with her interesting and hot tale. Using erotic descriptions even during the measuring for the corset made this a fiery story. I love how Miss Frost tried to be the perfect host even as she suffered from her lust for the other woman. Add the little secret between Jess and her husband and this is a definite read anyone can enjoy!


First there was a bartender with an accent and dirty words in Spanish. The second man was the fireman who knew how to use his hose in just the right way. A spicy list of past lovers for this woman’s current boyfriend will show him how erotic her sexual encounters are.

Ms. Stein’s tale is hard to get into. First, there were no names, which kept me from being able to connect to the characters and the story. Second, I could not imagine a man wanting to hear about his girlfriend’s sexual encounters. It did have some erotic moments but not enough to keep me interested.


Fiona is moving in with her boyfriend, Dr. Todd Mitchell. Trying to find some furniture at a second hand store is a lost cause when he wants everything to be new. What will happen when she notices Killian, a rugged man who is willing to show her some of his own erotic moves?

This tale questions whether opposites attract and is a perfect tale. Ms. Tyler includes some spanking to give this alluring story an extra tantalizing plot. The way Killian and Fiona spot each other at different second hand stores gives this a sensual cat and mouse game quality to it. This is a remarkable story for me and left me quite happy to have read it.

Perfect Timing

Charlotte knows all about timing. There is Henry, Ian, and Terrence to help her with her sexual urges. All three are great at putting out the fire that burns within, and she juggles them in an enticing and erotic way.

Ms. Wright starts with a sexy car scene. Later it turns into a public restroom. Finally it is in the bedroom. Each time it is erotic and temptation at its fullest. This is a smooth and easy read with one enticing incident after another.


As the archeologist, Allegra is supposed to be the woman in charge. Watching Gemma and Mac practically have sex in public makes her burn for her own action. Allegra needs to find some relief. When Dan comes into the picture as a journalist, she figures out how she can get some publicity for the dig as well as the much needed pent up release for her lust.

From the very first sentence, Ms. Grace’s tale enthralled me. The voyeuristic picture described made this a very hot story. I also loved how the author threw in a female on female scene and then later changed it up. It made for a very scorching tale that will leave you begging for more.

Wednesdays and Tuesdays

Dr. Karen Martin is used to being overwhelmed with patients. She is waiting for Wednesday to get here for she will get the release that she really needs. Having Branden and Tad show up a day early gives a very interesting and sensual experience full of surprises that will leave the good doctor very happy.

A ménage a trois, sex in the work place, and BDSM make for a burning tale from Ms. Marsden. The way Branden is when he first meets Karen and then shows up a week later with a much different attitude was spectacular. I really liked how cocky Karen was to begin with until Branden brought Tad into the mix, making her usual sexual escapade much more appealing and exciting to the reader. Thank you for bringing this wonderful tale into this anthology, it complimented it perfectly.

The Woodsman

She comes up to the little cottage and knows he is there. The man she calls the Woodsman shows up to stand at the end of her bed and stare, then always turns and leaves. Until the one day he shows up to find her satisfying her own craving and he finally decides to take over.

I really liked how Ms. Stein brought a new plot into the old story of sex with a stranger. I also enjoyed how the woman had to figure out what made the Woodsman tick to get him to finally complete the act of copulation. The one thing I did not like was no names, it made it harder to associate with the characters. Overall, a very nice read with a fantasy that I found quite erotic.


Marta is a chambermaid and cleans one suite within the hotel that she works for. Jacob is the man who is staying in the room and leaves little notes about the chores he wants done. What will happen when Jacob finds Marta in his room doing some self-satisfying chores of her own?

Ms. Williams wrote a nice tale with some good moments within it. I liked the thought of the maid and the customer as the overall theme. I did not care for how Marta pretended to be Jacob’s wife, it almost seemed as if she was a stalker. Not a bad story, just not something that I would want to read a second time.

Under the Big Top

Jo always hitchhikes two hundred miles to see her boyfriend even though she knows she should not. One day she hitches a ride with Johnny Lee, a man who works for the circus. She is instantly intrigued with the man who shows her that he can tame any beast, including herself.

This tale described by Ms. Nixon is wonderfully told. I loved how each scene is illustrated in such a way, I felt as if I was standing by the lioness’ cage myself. The sex scene is very yummy and left me happy to be reading this story. This is a fantastic tale that will keep you entertained and have you coming back for more.

A Stroll Down Adultery Alley

Katie knows her mother is disappointed that she is not the perfect daughter. Perry is a doctor who is renting a room from her mother. When Katie shows the prim doctor the notorious alley used for secret affairs, she is shocked to find he has become a bad boy ready to show her what she has been missing.

Ms. Da Costa has written an amazing story that is such a great tale. This story has substance, great characters, and sexy scenes. It also has an ending that wraps up the tale and does not leave you hanging. I fell in love with Katie and Perry and found myself just as charmed by the author and hope to see some more of her work.

Liaisons is such a mixture of different stories, it makes for a very good read. While there are some tales that are less than stellar, most of them are very unique and somehow hit upon some of my favorite fantasies. The different stories are a perfect match for the title, showing some very illicit affairs in some very tantalizing ways. The first story and the last story were perfectly placed. The first story is written so well, I wanted to dive right into the story and the last tale had an ending that gave me the ending I needed.

Caution: This tale contains different subgenres including bondage, spanking, f/f/, older man/younger woman, m/f/m, voyeurism, BDSM, anal sex, anal play, and is a red-hot romance!

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