Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9781451615180
August 2, 2011
Howard Books
Trade Paperback
320 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Loving Lauren is the second most wonderful experience Tucker Kane has ever felt, and the first, of course, is his love for his baby girl. Kristy was the best thing to come from his marriage to Margot, and he has had to fight tooth and nail to keep her in his life.

Not every woman has to wait until their thirties to find the perfect man, but Lauren Holloway is glad she did. Tucker and Kristy are a gift from God, and Lauren thanks Him every day for bringing them into her life.

Tucker is horrified when he finds the body of his ex-wife at a job site, and he does the only thing he can—he calls the police. He is the prime suspect, and whoever has set him up has done a spectacular job. Lauren is crushed to learn she might not know Tucker as well as she thought she did, and that only serves to tear them further and further apart. Lauren and Kristy mean everything to Tucker, but if he cannot find the real killer, he might never be a part of their lives again.

Tucker and Lauren have a beautiful relationship going until they hit a major bump in the road, and then you can just feel the doubt and mistrust eating away at their love. Tucker questions his faith, which I find is an all too common thread with religious based novels, and Lauren questions her once unshakable love for Tucker. I understand his desire to shield Lauren from his past, but I feel it is hard to ignore that he keeps some way too important facts from her. The murder mystery element, however, is far above my favorite aspect of this book, and it evokes a myriad of feelings for Tucker’s plight.

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