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Max Logan Series

Book 1: Death Benefits
Book 2: Life After Death
Book 3: Smitten with Death

ISBN#: 9781611606898
January 2014
Whiskey Creek Press
Paranormal Romance
189 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

The main character is Maxine, who has luxurious surroundings, and is portrayed as fawning over her shower head and many-thread-count bed sheets. She is not a morning person, and I feel like this makes her a relatable character. Here we have a character who is aware she has died, crossed over, and then somehow miraculously made it back to the land of the living. Now she lives with knowledge of Earth and also the realm beyond.

Roger is Maxine’s ex-husband, and despite Maxine’s snark, she seems to have genuine feelings for him. Though we see little of him in the novel, what we do see is believable enough for him to be a fully-fleshed-out figure. We also see Alicia, the Superintendent of Spiritual Impediment, though only long enough to show the disparity between her ethereal beauty and Maxine’s imperfect figure.

Maxine is summoned to the aid of her ex-husband, whom she is still in love with, which makes this reader wonder why she left him, and finds out she is a Retriever who can move between realities, the land of the living and of the dead. Maxine is self-deprecating and brimming with colloquialisms, using words like “fugly” to describe things. Despite that, she strides forward in her mission with a sense of steeled determination and the power of her undying love for Roger. One cannot help but sympathize with Saracino’s heroine.

The novel uses quirky language and a conversational tone that makes it enjoyable, despite our main character’s gruff edge. This is a well-written novel, but I feel like its luster is lost among all of the audience questioning “What?," frivolous use of unwarranted vulgarity, and the all-too-familiar phrase, “Just saying”. While I rated this novel three cups, with a bit of polish, I believe it could easily achieve a solid five as it is chock full of potential.

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