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Echoes Series

Book 1: Lifeline Echoes
Book 2: Elusive Echoes

Book One in the Echoes Series
ISBN: 9781936852215
April 2011
Astraea Press, LLC
287 Pages
Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Sandy Wheaton spent less than a day with the first man she fell in love with. When Mick died, she knew she had to go to Wyoming to be closer to the paradise he talked about.

Ryan McGee is the proverbial prodigal son who has returned after his absence from Orson’s Folly for the past sixteen years. When he meets the sexy Sandy, Ryan realizes he wants to get to know the spitfire who now owns Valentine’s Bar and Grill.

After a less than stellar first impression, Sandy is not sure whether she wants to throttle the sexy McGee or kiss him. Even as her heart begins to open up toward the town outcast, Sandy knows her heart first belonged to the man who changed her outlook and way of life seven years ago. Ryan wants nothing more than to have Sandy fall in his arms and declare her love for him, but his own heart has reservations of its own. He has been seeking a mysterious woman for years and until he can get the closure he needs, Ryan knows his heart cannot fully belong to Sandy. When Ryan gets the answers he has been seeking, they will shock him to his core. But it may be too late as someone else has designs on the sexy bartender he has come to love…and those designs are not full of love but of danger and hatred for anyone connected to the McGee family members.

The prologue for Lifeline Echoes is one and a half pages (435 words to be exact) and by the time I was done reading this portion of Ms. Springsteen’s published words I had chills. Not only do you get the overwhelming emotional feel for what a dispatcher must go through when they know that life and death are on the line, but you see two people fall for each other without ever seeing each others’ face. As the story continues in Orson’s Folly, watching Sandy and Ryan go round and round with their feelings for each other and the people from their past gives this romance a dramatic pulse that adds to the already intense plot. I love how we get to see Sandy as she works to keep Mick calm as he lies dying during her stint as a dispatcher in between the storyline of Ryan and her own romance. I found myself falling just as hard for Mick as Sandy did as he struggled to live for the woman he was coming to love. This beautiful and emotional tale will rock you to your core and have you begging for more!

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