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ISBN: unavailable
May 2009
Lyrical Press, Inc.
191 Pages
Romance M/M
Rating: 5 Cups

Some may call him stodgy and old-fashioned, but Dino Martini never saw himself that way until his friend Seth changed the rules of their friendship. As a private investigator, Dino is his own boss, and makes his own rules, but after falling into a romantic relationship with Seth, suddenly all of his control flies right out the window.

Everybody pretty much assumes life is one big party for Seth Donnelly, and truth be told that is the way he likes to live it. However, he does have a serious side, and that he saves for one man, even if that man has yet to realize just how serious he is.

Leaving things be is just not in Dino’s nature, and when he finds a mysterious set of codes in a notebook he pulls out of a repo, he cannot resist the temptation to dig a little deeper. However, getting Seth’s garage and apartment ransacked is definitely not what he has in mind, nor is his reaction to having Seth put in mortal danger. They make a great tag team when it comes to repossessing cars, but when Seth suggests taking their relationship to more intimate level, Dino is more than a little nervous. Checking out the occasional guy is one thing, but having a sexual relationship with your best friend is something entirely different, though maybe something he cannot live without.

Occasionally you come across a hero so unique you cannot help but fall in love, and Dino Martini is that and so much more. Dino takes chivalry and good manners to a level not often seen in a contemporary romance, but combine that with Seth’s bald humor and edgy attitude and you have a very irresistible duo. They are both fiercely loyal, and their differences only make their relationship that much more intense. I am very excited to recommend this fabulous romance, and hope that Ms. Parker will keep Dino and Seth in mind for further adventures.

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