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ISBN: 0-446-69705-2
July 13, 2006
Time Warner Books
1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
$ 12.99 U.S./$17.99 Canada
432 Pages
Mainstream/Inspirational Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Anthony Murdock only wishes to do the right thing. He is a Mighty Man of God trying to live in a world full of chaos and greed. As CEO of Baltimore’s hottest new company, things do not always appear, as he would like. He does his best to correct matters but sometimes the past has a way of finding its way to the future.

Terri Murdock, the wife of Anthony, tries to be there with him every step of the way.

Detective Kent Cassell has been assigned to find the truth of the matter.

Anthony returns to his roots at his childhood church. All he wanted was to be a minister and now he is back in training. Unfortunately, he has a past that may threaten his present life as well as destroy what he and his wife have created together. Terri is a loving wife but also very ambitious in her job. She is wise in all matters and stands beside her man, but at times wishes others would stop asking when she is going to give the preacher a child. When others in his past begin to surface over past mistakes, he finds himself being questioned by a detective who will stop at nothing for answers. And when someone out of the blue, that he never expected tries to sabotage his life, Anthony only has one person to turn to for help, the Lord.

Like Sheep Gone Astray is a thought provoking novel. The story takes Anthony on a course in his life where he must make a choice in life. His daily struggles trying to be the right person for God while doing the sincere things in today’s world is most commendable. Anthony only wishes to be honest and when given a second chance; his prayers to God demonstrate that answers are only within arms reach. Ms. Sherrod instills genuine circumstances in this intriguing read. The main characters show their strength and their weaknesses while trying to keep sanity in their lives. She depicts how simple prayer and faith can turn anyone around to do the right thing in life even if it means correcting a bad past. She creates a mind spinning read with deceit and betrayal that is won over with love and devotion to God above.

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