Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-1-937265-53-3
March 2012
Rebel Ink Press
19 Pages
F/F Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Not quite forty, but Sandra is definitely feeling like her youth is leaving her behind, and old and lonely is not at all fun.

The pull of attraction has Lucy in its grip, but she may regret giving in.

Sandra would like to blame it all on the alcohol, but there is something deep inside that will not let her. She has never been attracted to another woman before, and what she is feeling for Lucy has her questioning everything. Afraid to want something so far out of her comfort zone, Sandra unwittingly hurts the one person who may be everything she needs.

It is hard to believe you can pack this much punch in such a few words, but Ms. Nelson delivers with startling results. I love that Sandra’s character is a great mix of eccentricity and innate shyness. It would be easy to picture Sandra as the crazy cat lady on the block, but thankfully Lucy shows up just in time to save her from herself. Their hot little episode in the ladies’ room is more than enough to have you wiping the steam from your screen.

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