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ISBN: 978-0983196433
January 12, 2011
A. Squire, LLC/Lightning Source
432 pages
Young Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Kell believes she’s just an average girl, with a wonderful mother and boy problems. Until, she discovers something extraordinary and finds herself on a ship in outer space. Now she must learn to deal with new people, new problems and the new her.

Cutter lives with the crazy and weird every day. The love of her life is an angel, her closest friends all have interesting histories and strange abilities and, oh yeah, she’s indestructible. But when Kell drops out of nowhere onto their ship, she knows that things are going to change. But will it be for the better or worse?

After receiving some devastating news, in a fit of rage, Kell discovers that she has supernatural abilities. She can turn her entire body into an acidic substance capable of burning through anything from wood to steel. Things go from weird to mind-boggling when Kell wakes up on a spaceship with superhuman team, the Unit. She quickly gets swept up in their fight against Shadow Sinn, a very powerful creature with a vengeful grudge against the Unit. Kell has to learn to embrace her powers and help the Unit fend off Shadow Sinn's massive blows. But all this may prove to be too much for Kell right when things get critical

A girl who can turn into an acidic liquid substance would really confuse any situation, especially when they drop in out of nowhere. Quite a good concept for this story; my problem is it took so long to get to the point. There is a lot of character back story that is just sort of thrown out at us, without any explanation of the book’s ‘world.’ I could not figure out if Earth is aware of life on other planets or not, because most of the characters are part Earth humans. After about the first hundred pages, things finally started getting good. I was caught by the fight scenes and the characters finally coming alive with their own personalities. I do think this book is a little too complicated for kids age 9 to 12 that it’s geared towards.

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