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ISBN#: 9781784304584
February 20, 2015
Totally Bound
225 Pages
BDSM, Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

The Blowhole is a BDSM club Heather Stauton can easily imagine coming to with Darren, which makes this job even more important. The love of her life is gone, but to honor his memory it is time for Heather to set aside her grief and learn to live again.

There is not one single thing Jason Hudson can pinpoint as to why he no longer has any desire to dominate. Knowing that it will ruin his credibility as a Dom, and possibly destroy the reputation of his newly opened club, Jason tries very hard to keep his feelings under wraps.

Party planners are common enough, but one who specializes in BDSM parties is rare, which is why Heather needs to bury her nerves and do her job. Seeing Jason again after twenty years is a shock, but feeling the resurrection of her submissive nature is almost more than she can take. Jason is just as stunned by his reaction to Heather. The need, the desire, and the emotional connection, are almost painful. He knows if he hurts her in any way it will kill him, imagining her walking out of his life, however, is more pain than he can possibly bear.

The blanket of grief that Heather has been wrapped in is slowing loosening its hold, but I love that it never lessens what she had with her late husband. Jason’s insecurities may not be as traumatic, yet Heather never diminishes his feelings. Together he and Heather transcend their fears to explore what is building between them. The care they take with each other’s feelings is beautiful, which makes the bond they create even more incredible.

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