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ISBN# 978-1-934041-72-7
June 2009
Swimming Kangaroo Books
Paperback/Trade Paperback
200 Pages
Historical Western Romance
Ratings: 3 Cups

Gabriel ‘Angel’ Taylor, of Crystal Creek Bluffs, was doing a good job of not giving off his identity when he was conjured into joining a game of poker. Then all his trouble began to multiply once again over a deed of land.

Samantha Mentrol has grown tired of being known as ‘Little Sam,’ or ‘Big Sam’s,’ daughter, when she would like to be known as Samantha. She wants to be a woman, have a husband, children and a family.

Gabe is no farmer, yet he has won a section of land in a card game and has no idea why he is being weeded out for this certain deed. He is already trying to get over living the same memory of being shot down, over and over again. Samantha is surprised that Gabe has the deed to her special section of land. She assures him, she knew nothing about any gambling over her land. Gabe wants to give it back to her but she has no money to pay him for it. Instead, she will allow him to use it for profit until she has enough of her own funds to buy it back then he can go on his merry way. Unfortunately, past problems come beckoning at Gabe’s door that could interfere with feelings the couple begin to share.

I found Little Sam’s Angel a delightful read. The lively story certainly does not miss a beat with something robust happening with every turn of the page. There is non-stop action and the multi-cast of characters paint a charming portrait of the old west. It is as if Larion Wills takes a sketch pad and ink then draws her players to unfold and come to life. I could get a whole realization of everything depicted in this beautiful told story.

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