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Pariah Pack

Book 1: Wolf and his Bunny, Pariah Pack
Book 2: Lone Wolf and his Cool Cat

Pariah Pack, Book 2
ISBN#: 9781632596888
September 2015
Siren Publishing
103 Pages
Paranormal, Contemporary, M/M, Erotic Romance, Standalone
Rating: 4 Cups

Silas Donovan is a werewolf and in charge of his pack’s security. He has just taken on a security job for a friend of his alpha.

Aran Aquino is an asian golden cat shifter and a male super model. Aran is the security job, protecting him that is.

Donovan (no one calls him Silas) does not enjoy the tropical location that he has to be at to protect Aran, and the first time he meets him, the two have a fight. However, Donovan also knows almost immediately that Aran is his mate. Aran takes a little longer to realize it. When an ex-boyfriend shows up and starts making threats, Donovan is less than enthused and promptly tells the man to get off the island. Unfortunately, this does not endear him at least initially to Aran who does not believe that his ex is really a threat. As the two get to know each other, and find out that they have sparking hot chemistry, the real threat has been under their noses the entire time. Will Donovan figure it out in time to save Aran from a threat they neither thought was a threat, or will he lose him forever?

I enjoyed Lone Wolf and His Cool Cat very much. It has scorching hot sex and the chemistry between the two main characters is very evident. The whole cat/dog thing just cracked me up. Each is very much entrenched in his particular animal, and their personalities totally match because of this. The suspense is well written, and I liked how the author sort of tricks the reader into thinking the threat is coming from one direction, and then lo and behold it is from another you would never have thought of! And I’m not saying anything else on the matter, you will have to read this lovely book for yourself. I for one will be buying more books by Ms. Laine.

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