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Bad Oak Boys

Book 1: Rock Star Baby
Book 2: Alpha Shaman
Book 3: Wulfgang
Book 4: Lone Wolf

Bad Oak Boys, Book 4
ISBN#: 9781772337853
April 2016
Evernight Publishing
150 Pages
Paranormal, Gay, Erotic, Shifters/Vampires
Rating: 5 Cups

Shane River is a musician who plays with the band Bad Oak with his brother and cousins. And like his brother and cousins his werewolf genes have kicked in and allowed him to shift into his wolf. But Shane is different from most werewolves, he is an alpha lone wolf and does not feel the need to join a pack.

Tim Cooper knew that his birth was the result of a rape, but he thought his biological father was human. He was wrong, and when forces come into play that he and his mother have been running from his entire life, he is about to find out just what his father was.

Tim's bond with his mother is very strong so he knows almost instantly when something bad happens to her. Even without his mother's ability to shift, he is able to track her to the middle of nowhere where he finds her dying and another shifter at her side. Thinking the other shifter is the one who mortally wounded his mother, he is seconds from attacking. However, the man Shane, a wolf shifter is able to reason with him and convince him that he was not the one who did this. Shane is astonished when his wolf senses tell him that not only is Tim his mate, but he is something that Shane and his family's pack have been hunting for awhile now, a coyote-wolf hybrid shifter. All Tim wants to do is find and kill the men who murdered his mother and forced he and his mother to run his entire life. Meeting Shane changes Tim, and he is able to shift for the first time. It takes him a bit longer to accept that Shane is his mate, because finding his mother's killers is all his grief ravaged mind can think about. Between trying to get Tim to accept his and his family pack's help, and Shane's family's instincts trying to take over and rid themselves of what their wolves tell them is an abomination, as well as, Tim's wild side wanting to go rogue, the start of this relationship is not easy. Will they be able to find the other hybrids, stop them from creating more hybrids through rape, as well as, make them pay for Tim's mother's murder? Will Tim and Shane be able to accept their mating in time to help one another survive what is to come?

Lone Wolf is another high speed read from the incomparable Erin M. Leaf. I absolutely loved the fourth book in the Bad Oak Boys Series. Shane and Tim are hotter than hot and the love scenes in this book are positively combustible. The imagination of this author just has no problem going "out there" and I for one love it! I especially loved how she showed that nurture will always overcome nature with respect to Tim. He could very easily have been evil as they come if not for the love of his wolf shifter mother who never gave up on him, and never regretted having him despite the circumstances of his birth. The suspense and the tension between Tim and Shane's family really added to the strength of this story as well. Just an all around five cups and over read in my opinion. If you have not read the Bad Oak Boys Series by Erin M. Leaf then you are seriously missing out. If you love original stories then you'll love Lone Wolf and the other books in this series.

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