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The Pack Series

Book 1 One Eye Open Jun 2004
Book 2 One Eye Closed May 2005
Book 3 Soul of the wolf, Oct 2005
Book 4 Secrets of the Wolf Dec 2005
Book 5 Cry of the Wolf Jan 2007
Book 6 Touch of the Wolf March 2007
Book 7 Dance of the Wolf Aug 2008
Book 8 Mate of the Wolf
Book 9 Wild Wolf July 2010
Book 10 Lone Wolf Jan 2011


The Pack, Book 8
ISBN (13) 978-0-373-61850-7
Jan 2011
Harlequin Nocturne
288 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Marika Tarus is grief-stricken because her precious daughter, Dani, has been kidnapped. Marika has also been captured and is being held prisoner in a concrete sarcophagus. Her escape plan is in place, but she must wait for the most opportune moment. Marika is a Huntress, one of the elite warriors who track down and kill rogue vampires.

Beaten and captured, Anton Beck is surprised to find that Marika is also a prisoner. He and Marika had a brief fling three years ago. Beck is flabbergasted to learn he has a daughter and that she has been taken.

Marika and Beck escape but have no idea where the abductors have taken Dani. Furthermore, Marika starts to suspect the ancient and powerful Vampire High Priestess, Brigid, is trying to thwart her efforts to locate the toddler. Marika and Beck enter into an uneasy alliance after he refuses her attempts to ditch him. Desperate to find their baby, distrustful of outsiders, and chased by personal demons, Beck and Marika clutch at any clue and hope they reach their daughter in time.

This book is complete within itself, even though it is a part of a much larger series. It is a thrilling, easy to read adventure in which I became fully engrossed. I loved the desert setting around Big Bend Texas. The chemistry between Marika and Beck is outstanding and I felt myself wanting the little family to triumph. The ending satisfied and amused me. I love the Nocturne line from Harlequin and this story did not disappoint.

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