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ISBN: 9781605924960
January 2012
Noble Romance Publishing
130 Pages
M/M, Historical, BDSM, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Leaving to go off to war in the America’s was something Lord Reynold Wilton felt he needed to do. Separating himself from his lover was the hardest thing he ever faced, but their last fight was much too public for safety’s sake.

Nothing had ever hurt Lord David Litchfield more than losing the love of his life, until he fell into the hands of a sadist. Now pain and humiliation is an everyday occurrence, and he has little hope of it ever changing.

Three years abroad has opened Reynold’s eyes to the fact that he made a horrible, horrible mistake in leaving David, and now it his duty to make things right. David has become a shell of the man he once was, and Reynold is crushed that he may never get him back. However he refuses to give up on David and vows to remove the man in David’s life who has tortured him nearly to death. David is so terrified and beaten down he may never find it within himself to be what Reynold needs.

A broken heart leads to David to the pits of Hell, and it is a painful thing to see. It is with very small steps that Reynold tries to win his lover back, and I feel that this is truly the highlight of this story. No one can endure the torture that David has and not come out with scars, and it makes the story so much more real that he does not just fall right into Reynold’s arms. Reynold often has a hard time seeing beyond his own needs, but the energy and flow of this story is worth the read.

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