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ISBN-13: 978-1-4201-1005-0
April 2010
Kensington / Zebra
Paperback / Trade Paperback
352 Pages
Time Travel
Rating: 4 Cups

Coming to Scotland is giving Dr. Aileanna Graham the chance to lick her wounds. Her ex-boyfriend and maybe her ex-job are all she had left in New York anyway, so this little vacation feels like a port in a storm.

Losing his wife and unborn child was the hardest thing Laird Rory MacLeod ever faced. He would willingly go up against an entire enemy clan than put his heart on the line like he did with his wife, Brianna.

Like everything else in her life lately, Ali’s trip to Scotland has gone completely haywire, but ending up at Dunvegan Castle feels like she has stepped into a dream, and maybe she has. Waking up in the 16th century is very disconcerting, but having a man die on her scares her to death, especially when that man is the embodiment of every fierce and sexy warrior she ever imagined. After the initial shock of Ali’s resemblance to his late wife, Rory quickly realizes that is where the similarities end. Ali is as sharp-witted, strong, and vibrant as Brianna was timid and frail, but the thought loving and losing Ali is infinitely more devastating than he can bear.

Settle in for a few hours of pure reading pleasure with Rory and Ali, who have such remarkable wit and an unerring need to be honest and forthright with each other and themselves. Rory is every woman’s dream of a rough and tumble warrior with a huge heart and soul to match. Ali too, is sweet, caring, and wonderfully outspoken, exactly what you expect of a 21st century woman, even if her acceptance of her predicament seems to be a little too easy. As if your list is not long enough, here is one more; Debbie Mazzuca’s “Lord of the Isles” is a must read.

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