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The Elder Races Series

Book 1: Dragon Bound
Book 2: Storm's Heart
Book 3:Serpent's Kiss
Book 3.5: True Colors
Book 4: Oracle's Moon
Book 4.5: Natural Evil
Book 5: Lord's Fall

Elder Races, Book 5
ISBN# 9781425251065
6 November 2012
Berkley Sensation
304 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Pia knows it is difficult being a half-human/half-Wyr mated to a Dragon shifter known as the Great Beast. It is equally painful being pregnant and separated from her mate, Dragos. No matter the personal cost, Pia knows she must broker a peace between the Wyr and the Elves. The survival of the Wyr in this harsh economic climate depends upon Pia’s ability to play the politics within the demesnes.

Dragos does not like the idea of being separated from his mate. Given that he is an immeasurably old immortal Dragon, he is not accustomed to dealing with such things. It is a precarious time for the Wyr demesne. He is their ruler and their protector, responsible for their safekeeping no matter the personal cost.

Now Pia is swept into a conflict of the ages foretold by the Oracle. For Dragos, there is no question of breaking treaties and entering enemy territory in order to save his mate. All immortals, Elves and Wyr alike, are drawn deep into the madness of arcane powers. It will be up to Pia and Dragos to stand firm beneath the onslaught and know that together they can face even cataclysmic disaster.

I would highly recommend readers pick up the first books in the Elder Races series in order to catch up on past events before attempting to read Lord’s Fall. Ms. Harrison paints an exquisite world that meshes seamlessly with our everyday places and events. Her characters are real, and riddled with believable flaws. For those who love paranormal worlds with full histories of their own, this is a must read.

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